The Worst B2B Marketing Mistake You Commit Every Day

“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow… Act with audacity. – Madame Clicquot”

If you are a B2B copywriter, pay full attention.

For I am going to disclose the worst mistake in B2B marketing that you commit as a copywriter.

Correcting this little mistake will help you pull up the responsiveness of your prospects to your copy, and needless to say, it will definitely show up in the sales graph in the next quarter.

In fact,  this little mistake is so common that nobody even notices it. What’s more? Nobody talks about it.

Curious to know what the mistake is, already?

Well, I will tell you in the next couple of minutes. Just bear with me.

You see, you don’t come across unique tactics like this often. Let’s be honest, these are just solid gold nuggets! Continue reading “The Worst B2B Marketing Mistake You Commit Every Day”

Create That “Flash” In A Magazine Ad

It’s a beautiful day in India – especially Kolkata, where I live.

The summer heat has mellowed a bit. Finally.

I am in my “leisure” mode now.

All I want is to relax with pure coconut juice in one hand, and a copy of ‘All The Light You Cannot See’ in another.

(I hope you have already read the novel if you have not already. It’s a masterpiece, I tell you. And no, I am not its affiliate salesperson, if you think so already.)

You know, what best attracts me is that the story sucks you in.

That’s right.

It builds an environment where you instantly start visualizing the characters and relate to their innermost feelings in their day to day lives.

Now, that’s what we call Storytelling in Advertising.

When you are a copywriter, you can’t always write a whole story of 20,000 words, of course.

However, what you need to do is create a story around your product. It may not be a full story. It might just be an idea. Continue reading “Create That “Flash” In A Magazine Ad”

A Short Brief On Big Idea, Branding And Positioning

Okay, before I start, let me say that this is going to be a very short post because I am really, really short on time.

I am starting to work on a new project. (A very technical one, for that matter. Have to hit the ‘research’ button in a few minutes!)

But I just figured out why not talk about a topic that baffles almost every copywriter I know.

(You are lying if you are saying ‘no’ to that.)

So, what on earth is the difference between these three most common names in advertising and marketing, viz. positioning, branding and Big Idea?

Disclaimer: I am going to define in my own simple way, what I have understood from Halbert’s, Ogilvy’s and several other marketing authors’ notes.

Let’s get down to business now. Continue reading “A Short Brief On Big Idea, Branding And Positioning”

Building A Business Brand? Write Press Releases

My house is exactly in front of a beautiful, pristine lake – so serene, so blissful!

Every morning I would get up from my bed, slip into my slippers and stand by…whew! The fresh morning air, with a cup of coffee in my hand.

How I wish you could feel what I am feeling right now.

It’s a heaven on earth.

Okay, enough with that.

Why am I talking about a lake today?

Well, you see, the lake gave me an epiphany yesterday.

A very interesting one for sure. Continue reading “Building A Business Brand? Write Press Releases”

Simple Formula To SEO Your Website In 2015 [Infographic]

Recently, I read an extremely interesting post on SearchEngineLand.comWhy your job as an SEO isn’t actually SEO!

You know that’s so true.

The SEO industry has gone through a vast change in the last few years.

Never mind the mindless and never-ending updates brought about by the Big G, it’s not just stuffing keywords or raking backlinks only.

It is much more evolved, much more sophisticated.

SEO in 2015 is an art.

To be successful at SEO in 2015… Continue reading “Simple Formula To SEO Your Website In 2015 [Infographic]”

10 Lessons On Making Money Blogging In 2015

Probably, this is the umpteenth post on this evergreen question that still baffles entrepreneurs and creates nonstop controversies over the web.

Is it possible to make money blogging?

I can already see a few hands raised up.


But I or anyone of you attempts to answer that question, we have to consider one simple fact above all.

We are in 2015 now.

The internet has already been born for around 2 decades now.

Do you still think your answer, supported by evidences from ten years ago, still matter?


Everything has changed in the last few years. (If you follow the web world, you already know that.)

So forget about the past.

The real question at hand now is, can you really make money blogging in 2015?

Well, I started blogging seven (or perhaps, eight) years back. In “internet” years, it was like probably 100 years back. Continue reading “10 Lessons On Making Money Blogging In 2015”

You Don’t Have Learn To Sell. You Already Can.

I am going to talk about an interesting topic today. Since you have searched and landed on a “sales and marketing” blog, I assume that you are related to it some means – perhaps you want to learn about sales and marketing itself.

I say, great…that you have taken action while others didn’t!

But what if I say to you that you cannot learn to sell?

Yes, you heard that right.

Or rather…

You cannot choose to learn to sell.

Salesmen are really born (or maybe reborn), but not made.

I know when I am saying this, I might be refuting with what great marketing thought leaders such as Jill Konrath claims. She says that salesmen are not born; they are made. You can check her video below. Continue reading “You Don’t Have Learn To Sell. You Already Can.”

The History Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

A few days back, I wrote a post about “How Content Marketing Came to Exist Today” (Still in the process! I will be posting it in a couple of days). What’s interesting is that I came across another idea for a post that will help you see the idea of content marketing in a clearer light.

I am talking about The History of Content Marketing.

Since the caveman days to the birth of the custom publishing council to the recent flooding of content marketing books, the concept of content marketing has come a long way to think about it.

And if you are like me, you are most certainly interested in knowing the most significant turning points of this journey over time.


Well, here’s an infographic from detailing the history of content marketing. Continue reading “The History Of Content Marketing [Infographic]”

Display Banner Advertising – Worth It Or Not? [Infographic]

According to comScore, only 8 percent of internet users account for 85 percent of clicks on display ads (and some of them aren’t even humans!).

After reading that, you might be thinking whether banner ads are still a legible form of advertising or not, whether display advertising is still alive.

You know that’s a very tricky question to answer.

For a second, forget about banner ads and think about TV ads.

Or perhaps, the roadside huge posters you see.

Or perhaps, the flyers that someone forces into your hand while you are running to office.

The common and funny thing about all those ads is that over 90 percent of us ignore them. Whenever there is a commercial break between your Seinfeld shows, we inadvertently mute the TV and go on to doing something else – maybe getting that cup of coffee or chatting with your spouse. Continue reading “Display Banner Advertising – Worth It Or Not? [Infographic]”

Top 5 Social Media Trends In 2015

Duke University recently published a study on social media that left many managers scratching their heads. Social media spending at companies, the report showed, currently represents 9% of marketing budgets, and that’s forecast to rise to nearly 25% within five years. But half of marketers interviewed said they couldn’t show what impact social media had on their business – at all. Continue reading “Top 5 Social Media Trends In 2015”