Top 5 Unmistakable Tips For Newly Self-Published Authors

The publishing business has certainly changed in the past decade or so and will continue to do so. The popularity of e-Readers and eBooks, as well as the ease with which they can be offered to the buying public, is a boon to self-published authors unlike anything we have ever seen. The good news is, it should only get better.

However, there are some very common mistakes that authors who self- publish are prone to make, mistakes which can easily kill your book sales, making all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into creating your masterpiece worthless.

Attract Customers Like Bees To Honey

“Cheapskates, money misers, no good, low down, despicable lowlifes…”

No, you’re not reading a description of our many politicians. What you’re reading are comments business owners, entrepreneurs have made about THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Yes. You’ve read that right.

But you know, the funny thing is that these customers and clients didn’t magically appear from the undergrowth and declare “I’m going to be a client of so and so”.


The business owner has to have done something to firstly, get the attention of the prospect, and then, say yes, come on in and be part of my world. It’s not by accident that this has occurred, it’s by deliberate design.

So how then, does one go about attracting the perfect clients, prospects and customers? And there’s a key word there… ATTRACTING.

The Secrets To Making Money As a GREAT Copywriter

As a copywriter, you have a unique advantage that many other writers don’t have – you know how to sell with words. You can use this skill to earn cash without winning any freelance assignments.

copywriting secrets

How? By starting one or more of the following projects:

Publish your own blog or e-newsletter

Do you have a passion or area of expertise that you love writing about? Start a blog or e-newsletter on that topic. If you decide to blog, encourage readers to subscribe to your posts so they never miss a post – and so you stay in front of them. As your readership grows, you can monetize your project.

Which leads me to the second type of money-making writing project …

Top 8 Reasons To Build Email List For Your Offline Business

Okay so within this article, I am going to explain exactly why as a business owner, whether small or large, you need to be building a solid list of subscribers.

Now I realize that many people already grasp the concept of email marketing, but not everybody has yet to understand the potential, so for the sake of everyone’s benefit, I am going to tailor this post so it appeals to everyone, from the online business owner to the computer novice.

If you would like to grab some golden information on email marketing and list building, read on.

Top 8 Reasons To Build A List

What I am going to do is keep this simple and give you the top 8 reasons you should be focusing on list building and email marketing, especially if you are just an offline brick and mortar business.

Authority Blog on Multiple Niches – Strictly Noooooo!

The first thing you need to understand here, what is an authority site?

According to, here is the definition of an authority blog.

“An authority site is a very high quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has content on it that is so good and makes the site so useful that people are actually glad they landed on it and want to share it with their friends.  Authority sites publish trustworthy information and link to other trustworthy places on the web.”

Read that again.

That is essentially the definition of an authority blog.

Google SEO Evolution Since Origin [Infographic]

We started with two rules.

Rule #1. Stuff as many keywords as you can.

Rule #2. Get as many inbound links as you can.

But Google quickly fathomed that it is not the right way to garner top-notch high quality, well-researched articles for their search engine results.

And thus, the Google evolution began.

Top 5 Secrets To A Great PPC Campaign

For startups looking to get going with PPC, it can be overwhelming. There’s so much data that can be used and so many factors to consider when setting up PPC campaigns, not to mention the cash concerns that come with any startup.

But with careful consideration, thoughtful planning, and the right hacks, PPC advertising can be a helpful resource investment to get startups off the ground alongside their other marketing campaigns.

I’ll break down five core aspects of PPC that startups can focus on when putting together campaigns so they can develop more impactful ads as you’re building your new business.