4528 kabaddi live 365-BR9ET Nickel Spark Plug

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4528 kabaddi live 365-BR9ET Nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference 0242255501 WR3CTC OE091 QN84 3107 IRE01-27 W27EBR 3107 834418600 AGS081C

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4528 kabaddi live 365-BR9ET Nickel Spark Plug 

The physical service life for a spark plug can be thought of as the number of kilometers driven until the spark plug begins to misfire. 

Misfiring causes not only wastage of fuel, but also irregular engine vibration and output drop. 

In particular, for vehicles with emissions controls, misfiring can damage the catalytic converter, so using a spark plug all the way to the end of its physical service life is inexpedient economically.

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