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USA Football Courses for Training

From proper tackling to leadership training, USA Football courses set you and your team up for success ACCESS COURSES NOW Enhance your fundamentals and grow your knowledge of the game with USA Football courses and certifications.

Strength & Conditioning For American Football!

Muscular Endurance Training (1 month) Sets: 3 to 5. Repetitions:10 to 20. Intensity: 40 % to 65 % of 1 RM. Rest: 30 to 90 sec. between each set. Frequency: 3 times per week. Table 2. Muscle Hypertrophy Training (2-3 months) Sets: 3 to 6. Repetitions: 6 to 12. Intensity: 70 % - 92 % of 1 RM. Rest: 2 to 4 minutes between each set. Frequency: 3 times per week.

Football Weight Training Program - Verywell Fit

Weight training is part of a comprehensive training program for football. Use this generic program for body contact football sports, including American football, Rugby, and Australian football. It does not necessarily include European football (soccer), although elements of the program could apply to soccer weight training.

The 12-Month Football Training Program - Sport Fitness Advisor

A football training program lasts 12 months – even if the competitive in-season only spans from September to December. And that applies to any football player at any level… Even if you only have a couple of days a week spare for football conditioning, you should still adapt and vary those sessions over the course of a year.

Football Training Program: Offseason Conditioning Plan with ...

This football training program keeps players engaged. Designed for either a 6-week time period with 3 sessions each week or a 9-week time period with 2 sessions each week. Players who play another sport in the offseason frequently find the 9-week time period works best. Instant access.

Football Training Programs – Garage Strength Performance Training

Get a constant pump from your workouts while still training specifically for football with our 8-week Bodybuilding for Football Strength Program. You will gain muscle mass and definition while training explosively for the next football season. $ 49.99. Learn More.

American Football Training Program | XL Performance | Hendon

XL Performance is a performance programme providing speed and agility training, Specialising in American Football. At XL we have trained the likes of NFL Superbowl Champion Will Blackmon to Premier League football player Mikael Ndjoli of Bournemouth FC. At the grassroots level, we have welcomed first time American football players who have blossomed and have received scholarships in the USA to play the sport.


A football player must invest the majority of his time studying, practicing, and playing the game of football. The amount of time and energy available to recover from lifting and running is limited. Our goal is to provide you with a program that is safe, efficient, and compatible with the physical needs of a football player.