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Did You Know India Qualified for FIFA World Cup in 1950?

India has a veritable ... In 1950, 3 years after independence India had qualified for the FIFA World Cup. However, they never made it to Brazil, despite the AIFF being invited. Here's what happened.

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: Greece Football Team 2014 News ...

Population: 11.4 million (UN 2012) Area: 131,957 sq km Capital: Athens Currency: Euro Federation: The Hellenic Football Federation, founded in 1926, affiliated to FIFA in 1927.

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: Netherlands Football Team ...

Koninklijke nederlandsche Voetbalbond (KNVB – Royal football Federation of the Netherlands) founded in 1889, affiliated to FIFA in 1904 and to UEFA in 1954.

India national under-17 football team - Wikipedia

For women's football team, see India women's national under-17 football team.

India almost Qualified for FIFA WORLD Cup 2022 - YouTube

India are placed in Group E along with Afghanistan,Bangladesh, Oman and Qatar.

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: Italy Football Team 2014 News ...

Population: 61 million Area: 301,318 sq km Capital: Rome Currency: Euro Federation: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC) created in 1898, affiliated to FIFA in 1905 Registered play

qualified for the World Cup? - Answers

FIFA World Cup. ... How many countries were qualified in the 2010 world cup?

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: Ecuador Football Team 2014 ...

Ecuadorian Football Federation founded in 1925 and affiliated to Fifa in 1926.

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: Ivory Coast Football Team ...

Population: 21 million Area: 322,463 sq km Capital: Yamoussoukro Currency: Franc CFA Federation: Fedération Ivoirienne de Football, founded in 1960, affiliated to FIFA en 1961 Register

FIFA World Cup Squad 2014: England Football Team 2014 ...

Population: 53 million (Census 2011) Area: 129,720 sq km Capital: London Currency: Sterling (the pound) Federation: The Football Association created in 1863, affiliated to FIFA in 1905