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It depends on how you set up your league points vs head to head. In head to head you have whichever statistical categories you track, usually 9 and teams "play" each other over the course of a week (7 days). Each team is given a point for the category they win, lose or draw and those points go toward the ranking.

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Fantasy Basketball has 3 vastly different scoring formats that you can play with. Head-to-Head - Face off against a new manager each week for the best weekly stats. The manager who has the most...

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Sometimes scoring discrepancies happen in Yahoo Fantasy. They're rare, but here's how we handle them when they do: All official player scoring, live data corrections and league standings are...

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How to play Yahoo Fantasy Basketball. 2. Overview of scoring in Yahoo Fantasy. 3. Overview of Leagues in Yahoo Fantasy. 4. Overview of drafting in Yahoo Fantasy. 5.

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Daily fantasy (DFS), which Yahoo offers alongside its season-long leagues, employs a points format, as well. In Yahoo DFS, as well as H2H points leagues, the scoring matches the NBA’s official ...

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How does Yahoo Fantasy Basketball scoring work? The scoring option of the NBA Fantasy of Yahoo Basketball Fantasy depends on what league you choose. But for every active player in your position slot in your roster, the player will earn fantasy points through a variety of real-life statistical categories. Here are the different scoring types:

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I am new to fantasy basketball, and will be playing in public head to head leagues on Yahoo. I can see that the scoring is 9CAT, yet was wondering … Press J to jump to the feed.

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Setting Value; League ID#: 8594: League Name: AP 2021-2022: Auto-renew Enabled: Yes: Custom League URL: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/apleague0809