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Acute sprains are among the most common injury in soccer players and are generally treated conservatively, with emphasis placed on secondary prevention to reduce the risk for future sprains and progression to chronic ankle instability. Repetitive ankle injuries in soccer players may cause chronic ankle instability, which includes both mechanical ligamentous laxity and functional changes.

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Lateral ankle sprain: The outside ankle ligaments are tender to the touch. You’ll see significant swelling within 2 hours of the injury. Medial ankle sprain: Tender to the touch over the inside ankle ligaments. Pain/swelling over the inside of your ankle with bruising. Syndesmotic sprain: Pain and swelling over front/back ligaments and lower leg space. Recovery time is longer compared to other sprains.

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Ankle Sprains (Soccer) Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in soccer. They can side-line any player from training and competing and are difficult to prevent from coming back. Lateral ankle sprains are an injury to your ligaments on the outside of your ankle. A medial ankle sprain is when your ligament on the inside of your ankle is injured.

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Ankle sprains are one of the most common soccer Injury among youth and adult soccer players. In fact, researchers have estimated that ankle injuries account for 10 to 30% of all sports related injuries in young athletes and from 16 to 29% of all soccer specific injuries.

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High ankle sprains commonly occur from a sudden and forceful outward twisting of the foot, which commonly occurs in contact and cutting sports such as football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, track, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and tennis.

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Prevention of Ankle Sprain Injuries in Youth Soccer and Basketball: Effectiveness of a Neuromuscular Training Program and Examining Risk Factors. Exposure to an NMT program is significantly protective for ASI in youth soccer and basketball.

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Ankle sprains are not only the biggest reason athletes visit the emergency room, but are also the most common soccer injury. Sprain is the term that describes an injury to a ligament. All sprains are graded I-III. Grade I injuries are mild and do not involve any tearing of ligament fibers.

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Common foot and ankle injuries that adolescent soccer players may incur include ankle sprains, heel pain secondary to inflammation of the growth plate (Sever’s Disease), and fractures/stress reactions involving the foot and ankle bones. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments that support the ankle stretch or tear and can range in severity from mild to severe depending on how much damage and tearing there is to the ligaments.