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Different Types of Table Tennis Grips. The Shakehand Grip. (Shakehand Grip | Source) In popular Western media, such as television series or movies, people who play ping pong are almost ... Two Kinds of Shakehand Grip. The Penhold Grip. Other Types of Penhold Grip. The New Kind of Penhold.

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Table Tennis - Types of Grips. Penhold. This hold got its name, as it resembles holding a pen. Here the player’s middle, ring, little fingers are curled around the racquet. This ... Shakehand. Seemiller.

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The Penhold Grip Chinese Penhold Grip. This version is common among Asian players. Holding a racket with the blade facing the ground is... Japanese or Korean Grip. The difference between the Korean grip and Chinese grip is that the fingers on the back of the... Reverse Backhand Grip. The normal ...

What Are The Various Types Of Grips In Table Tennis?

You can’t perfect your table tennis skills without perfecting your grip. There are many ways to hold a table tennis paddle when playing. Some gripping styles come naturally and some are manifested. So, this article will explain all the significant types of grips in table tennis sport. A paddle is the main constituent of this game.

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Which table tennis grip should I use? The grip favoured by most players in the western world is known as the "shake-hands" or "western" grip. Although there are other grips - notably the "penhold" grip used predominantly by the Chinese, Japanese and the Koreans - I'll be concentrating on the western grip that I use.

Table Tennis Grips: How to Hold a Racket?

Penhold Table Tennis Grip. Penhold Grip in Table Tennis. In this form of grip, the index finger and thumb are curled around the edge of the paddle to form a ‘C’ shape and relax on one side of the rubber. The other three fingers act as support on the other side of the rubber. It is much like you are holding a pen.

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The two types of grip in Table tennis are: Penhold Grip - The penhold grip is so-named because one grips the racket similarly to the way one holds a Pen.It involves curling the middle, ring, and fourth finger on the back of the blade with the three fingers always touching one another. Shakehand Grip .-. The shakehand grip is so-named because the racket is grasped as if one is performing a handshake. it is sometimes referred to as the "tennis" or "Western" grip,