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In doubles tennis, can you try to serve and hit your opponent ...

In a doubles tennis match, are you allowed to wave your racket around while your partner is receiving a serve to distract the serving opponent? Doubles strategy can depend on the landscape. It’s not illegal to spin your racket while the opponent is serving to your partner.

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Hitting the ball through the middle of the court in doubles does quite a few things to hinder your opponent. It creates confusion as to which player will take the ball, it dramatically reduces the angle the opponent has to return the ball and it gives you the highest percentage chance to make the shot (The net strap is the lowest point on the net).

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In this case, you will definitely be able to hit the next ball and then play from there. Another reason for this formation is when, for example, the server has a better forehand and when serving to the ad court is getting pinned hitting cross-court backhands. He/she would prefer to go to the deuce side and hit forehands.

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As a beginner starting to play doubles tennis, you should always try to move side to side when near the net. Engaging in a lateral movement when your opponent is about to hit a groundstroke will put them under considerable pressure. On the flip side, players in doubles game practice excessively to try and not hit the partner on the net.

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It forces your opponent to constantly hit good returns and will set your net man for easier volleys. If your serve and volley skills are not up to par, you should still come to net once a game just to give a different look. If you’re playing doubles, you should have some type of rudimentary volley.

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Cause I'm thinking, especially in doubles where one player is at the net, given that a tennis ball can be hit at 200km/h+ - it would actually be an effective strategy to mess with your opponent and maybe win the point if you can hit them on the full.

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Create your own website!!http://wixstats.com/?a=29420&c=381&s1=Players get hit right where it hurts, either by accident or intent.

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In recreational tennis it is often considered a coup among men to hit your opponent, but it is considered very rude play for a man to do this to a woman in mixed doubles. In serious tennis, it is considered just another strategy - of course in mixed doubles you hit at the women - are you going to hit at the men, who might hit it back harder?