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Self-care measures and long term strengthening are key to the treatment of tennis elbow. Treatment may include physiotherapy and medication. Surgery is only an option in the rare case when pain does not subside with continued self-care, strengthening exercises, physiotherapy and medication.

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Tennis Elbow is caused by the inflammation of the tendons that attach the muscles of the wrist and fingers to the bone. This causes discomfort and swelling on the forearm. The operation is performed open with a cut on the side of the elbow. The area of tendon responsible for persisting pain is identified and released from its attachment to bone. At the end of the operation, your wounds are stitched and dressed.

Elbow Surgeon — Dr Rob Elliott, Orthopaedic Surgeon

elbow surgery: Dr Elliott performs elbow arthroscooy (keyhole) surgery for the following conditions: Mild to moderate arthritis. Removal of Loose bodies. Post traumatic stiffness. Spur Excision. Dr Elliott performs the following open surgery on the elbow: Tennis Elbow release. Golfers Elbow release. Capsule release for stiffness and arthritis

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Tennis elbow can occur at any age but typically occurs in the 30 to 50 years age group. The condition affects both men and women equally. Signs and symptoms. Pain around the outer part of the elbow is the most typical symptom of tennis elbow. The pain is often described as “burning” in nature.

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Elbow care includes elbow surgery, distal biceps avulsion, tennis elbow, radial tunnel, elbow arthritis and pectoralis major repair

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Nigel has a special interest in lower limb joint replacement and arthroscopy surgery. In addition to this, he continues to provie a general orthopaedic service for specific range of upper limb pathologies, such as Carpal Tunnel & Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow Surgery: When Is It Time? – Five Key Points

A recent medical study from 2012 lends credence to Dr. Harris' claims - especially when it comes to surgery for Tennis Elbow. This looks to be the first time a study was done to compare the standard Tennis Elbow surgical procedure against the placebo effect by giving a "fake" / sham surgery to the control group.

Tennis Elbow Surgery: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care

Recovery from tennis elbow surgery takes a relatively long time. Upon arriving home, you will need to keep your arm in the sling for seven to 10 days to allow your wound to properly heal. While sitting or resting, you should keep the arm elevated and bolstered with pillows to help ease pain. Ice therapy can also help.