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The Tennis Forehand Contact Point: An Essential Guide ...

Understand the hitting zone. The hitting zone is a crucial component of the contact point. It’s the time the racquet spends in a vertical position with the strings pointing toward the ball. Want to improve your timing? Increase the length of your hitting zone. That’s what the pros do. This gives you a greater margin of error.

Myths of Tennis: The Forehand Contact Point

The hitting zone is that length of time where the racket is straight up and down (vertical), and the strings are pointing forwards towards the target. Consistently, the pros who have the best timing have the longest hitting zone, which allows them a greater margin for error than the club player, who generally has a smaller hitting zone, nowhere near the timing, and much greater frustration.

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Ideal Tennis Forehand Contact Point And 6 Drills To Master It

5. Hit in the zone is one of my favorite drills. The goal for the player is to meet the ball in the zone area which is marked by cones or tape just inside the court. The player needs to stand behind the baseline and make sure he meets the ball in the marked zone. 6.

How To Hit A Forehand In Tennis - Top Tennis Training

The eastern forehand grip is very good for hitting flatter forehands, or extending towards the target for longer as it allows the player to make contact in many different locations during the contact zone. This grip works well for dealing with lower bouncing balls, and waist height balls.

The Killer Forehand: Part 2 - Tennisplayer.net

The batter went into the box with his back foot. In tennis, that's called the open stance forehand. The killer forehand also is hit using the neutral stance where the front foot steps forward toward the target. You must master hitting the killer forehand from both the open and the neutral stance.

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Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For Hitting The Ball More Cleanly

In other words, the first part of the forward swing on the forehand is done with the body (hips and shoulders) rotating by about 90 degrees, and the second part is done by moving the arm forward through the contact zone toward the target.

How To Hit Tennis Strokes In The Ideal Strike Zone And Why

http://www.feeltennis.net/ideal-strike-zone/The two main areas of improving your strokes are usually having better consistency and hitting with more power.Bu...

How To Hit Flat Powerful Forehands - Play Your Court Tennis ...

A lot of coaches I think even are so bent on the Semi-Western forehand grip and teaching you low to high and getting under the ball and hitting with lots of topspin. This flat, big forehand that you see guys like del Potro, I mean all the good pros can flatten it out. But I think like the del Potro forehand when I think big, flat forehand.