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String Performance Database - Tennis Warehouse

A tennis string comparison tool allowing the user to design reports on string stiffness, energy return, tension loss, peak impact force, impact tension increase, dwell time, deflection, etc., for user-defined impact conditions including string tension and swing speed.

Tennis Warehouse University Tennis String Finder

One Strings: Carbon Tour 17 (1.25) NA: Pacific: PMX 17: NA: Pacific: Prime Natural Gut 16L: NA: Pacific: Tough Gut 16L: NA: Polyfibre: Black Venom 16L (1.25) NA: Polyfibre: TCS 18 (1.15) NA: Polyfibre: Viper 16L/1.25: NA: Prince: Diablo Prism 17: NA: Prince: Synthetic Gut 16 Duraflex: NA: Prince: Synthetic Gut 17 Duraflex: NA: Prince: Tournament Poly 17: NA: Signum Pro: Poly-Plasma Pure 17L (1.18) NA: Super String

Compare Strings Tool - Tennis Warehouse

Compare Strings Tool. Choose the two strings you want to compare. Comparison automatically appears when you change either string. Differences between strings are all shown as the percentage difference of string 2 to string 1. Stiffness: The most important property.

The 10 Best Tennis Strings for 2021 | A Complete Guide

The material’s elasticity is exceptional, it’s fantastic at holding tension, and it’s easy on a player’s arm – an ideal set of characteristics. For 2021, we’ve awarded Babolat VS Touch as the best natural gut tennis string. Helpful Tip.

Stringingpedia - Racketpedia

Top 10 most visited strings (Oct 11 - Oct 17) 1. Luxilon ALU Power Black 125 Control Spin. 2. Babolat RPM Power Brown 125 Power Spin Control Tension holding. 3. Head Lynx Tour Grey 125 Tension holding Spin Control. 4. Luxilon ALU Power Silver 125 Spin Power.

All About Tennis Strings

The way strings behave when hit by a tennis ball is very scientific - see the USRSA web site for more information. There are several characteristics of all strings and a restring: String Construction - how the string is made up and the type of fibres used. String Gauge - the thickness of the string. Stringing tension - how tight the strings are ...

String Stiffness: The Alpha and Omega of String Performance

String stiffness is measured at a particular tension to show how one string compares to another under the same circumstances. In our tests, string stiffness is the measured value obtained by impacting one piece of string at a tension of 52 lbs. The results tell you, for example, that a string with a stiffness value of 220 lb/in is about 10% ...

Best Tennis Strings in 2021 - For Spin, Power, Control ...

These strings are made from thousands of microfibers, woven together to form tennis strings that have many similar qualities as the natural gut strings. They provide great playability and comfort, which makes them probably the best strings for tennis elbow or other arm injuries.

Tennis Racquet Stiffness & Flex | Explanation, Video, Charts

The range or scale for stiffness for racquets will usually fall between 50 and 85, where the lower number indicates a more flexible racquet, and the higher number a stiffer racquet. However, the majority of modern racquets will usually fall somewhere between 60 and 75.