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The Value Point System - Coach Jackson's Pages Basketball ...

The formula for THE VALUE POINT SYSTEM is: Points + Rebounds + 2x(Assists) + 2x(Recoveries) 2x(Field Goals Missed) + Free Throws Missed + 2x(Fouls) + 2x(Turnovers)

Danny Miles Value Point System Points + Rebounds + 2x(Assists ...

Danny Miles Value Point System(This is the formula he uses for men’s college teams) Points + Rebounds + 2x(Assists) + 2x(Recoveries) DIVIDED BY 2x(Field Goals Missed) + Free Throws Missed + 2x(Fouls) + 2x(Turnovers *Recoveries include Steals, Blocks, and Charges Taken. Players are awarded one-and-a-half points (1.5) per charge taken.

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A VPS of 1 is considered average, while anything north of 2 is elite. “It’s awesome,” Ryan Fretz, head coach at Clyde High (Ohio), said. “It takes the positive stuff, divides it by the negative and gives you a value point system.

The Value Point System and Daily Drills - Breakthrough Basketball

Another great thing about the Value Point System is that you don't need any high-tech NBA statistical analyses that take forever to calculate and figure out. At its core, the value point system is a player evaluation formula, but the key is how to implement the formula and use it to your advantage.

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The Value Point System comes from a formula that factors in a number of counting stats to produce a number that gives a more well-rounded indication of overall performance. It’s not as simple to calculate as most statistics, and on the surface the formula looks a bit daunting.

Value Point System (VPS) Success Stories

Value Point System (VPS) Success Stories. Hundreds of coaches have used the Value Point System successfully and experienced incredible results. Here are just a few of those success stories to show you that ANYONE can use it and it WORKS! If you haven't used the system yet, hopefully these stories will inspire you to get started...

Power Rating System

the rating formula and these numbers are the ratings for the respective teams. Own Value is the average of your win/loss Margin of Victory. Opponent Value is the average of opponent rating number which includes opponents’ win/loss Margin of Victory. Own Value + Opponents’ Value = Team’s Overall Rating

Calculating Player Values on FanDuel and DraftKings

Tournaments = 4x + 14 Using it the same way as with FanDuel, here would be an example of how to calculate value threshold: Dwyane Wade is $7800, so…. 4 (7.800) + 10 = 41.2 points to hit value in a cash game. 4 (7.800) + 14 = 45.2 points to hit value in a tournament.