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Why Are Cricket Bats Made Of Willow? (Salix Alba Caerulea ...

Cricket bats are made of willow but not just any willow will do. While weeping willow trees are pretty common and easy to spot, they won’t do for a cricket bat. Neither will white willow or goat willow or most others you can think of. Instead a particular type of willow tree called Salix Alba Caerulea is used to craft cricket bats and for several key reasons.

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Salix Babylonica (Weeping Willow) are a very common ornamental willow, grown for its very distinctive and decorative look, in the way that its foliage hangs down. This type of willow is NOT suitable in the manufacture of cricket bats. The wood is too dense and heavy to make a bat with. Cricket Bat Willow

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Kashmir Willow vs English Willow: The Truth About Cricket Bats

Other types of willow, such as the more commonly known weeping willow tree, are too dense and heavy to be made into cricket bats. During the 1800s, the British, who ruled India, seeing the similarities of climate in the Kashmir region saw an opportunity to bring the Salix alba willow tree to the region.

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Kashmir willow is one variety of the Salix Alba willow tree, which was first discovered around 300 years ago here in the UK. The willow trees have been grown for centuries, and when they were first used for cricket bats they were found to be the perfect density. Weeping willow trees are too hard and heavy for bats.

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Historically, it’s been the wood of choice for cricket bats. Willow is a lightweight hardwood with good shock resistance, but overall is weak for its weight. Also, Where should I plant a weeping willow tree? Weeping willow trees do best when planted in areas that receive full sun to partial shade, in slightly acidic, moist soil.

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Yes, using willow wood for making cricket bats is a tradition since time immemorial. Its use was first mentioned in 1624. It is arguably the ideal wood for making cricket bats. Though many experiments have been made in the past using other woods and other materials to make a cricket bat, willow is still considered as the best. Willow Wood Advantages. The cricket bat is traditionally made from willow wood.

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International cricketers may prefer bats made of the much lighter English willow, but for junior players it has invariably always been the ubiquitous BDM, SG or SS bats made of home-grown willow.

Salix (Willows)

In autumn, the leaves turn a slightly sooty but still rich yellow. Cricket Bat Willows have male and female trees, both with quite small yellow catkins. These are good for bees, as they appear in mid spring when the population of the hives is increasing. Ultimate height 25m (80ft), Spread 15m (48ft).